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with love from Drinking Divas

Your summertime challenge: Plan a fun (and affordable) vacation.

It's here, the first day of summer! Sure, the solstice is looming with its longest-day-of-the-year eyebrow arched in your direction. But you can still find plenty of interesting places to go and fun things to do. Even when you’re worried about cash flow, with a small amount of belt-tightening, you can find enough to at least enjoy a long weekend. A great vacation doesn’t have to include Paris or Bali. (You’ll get there someday!) Here are some ideas to consider when you start planning – today – for time away. If you live within an hour or two of a...

Cooking dinner? Wine will make it better.

We all have the need to nourish ourselves, which for most of us means we have to cook. Whether you view cooking as relaxation or drudgery, a glass of wine while preparing dinner can lighten the task. Of course, the correct selection of wine is critical to add to the enjoyment of stove and oven. Too heavy, or in gulping amounts, and you may end up forgetting the boiling pot. No, wine for sipping that enhances the experience of preparing a meal for family and friends should be fresh and light, but bright.   If you have a favorite, stick...

We help you shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift

You love your mother and you want to celebrate with her on Mother’s Day – but you haven’t done any gift shopping. Drinking Divas is here to help. We have researched several fun and affordable gifts that will let Mom know you are thinking of her, could never have succeeded without her, and that you will call her every day. OK, maybe they’ll just say you are thinking of her. As a bonus, you can order these and other gifts through the Drinking Divas Amazon Prime account, so you spend nothing on shipping. Mom never had it so good. Obviously,...

Make Derby Day Your Day

  Over the past 144 years the Derby has taken on many traditions. Women who attend the event in Louisville wear large and extravagant hats. Several appetizers, main dishes and desserts have been created just for the big day. And for our purposes, the greatest tradition of all may be the mint julep, which is the Derby beverage of choice. With a base of Kentucky bourbon and a sprig of mint, it has come to symbolize the dreams of all who endure winter in hopes of spring, and it is delicious. Also, there is a horse race. For your Derby...

Gluten-free options at the liquor store can save the party

The government says 1 percent of all U.S. residents are gluten-intolerant or have celiac disease. But like us, you probably know several people who can’t digest wheat – so we think the percentage is higher. That used to make planning a spring get-together or bar tour tricky if you want to include all your friends. But today there are gluten-free drinking options. That means you have more to serve your friends, and you can also pour out the emergency half-empty bottle of white wine you keep in the back of the refrigerator.  There was a time when no beer sold...