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with love from Drinking Divas

Mixologist of the Month @abubbylife

Hello friends!  We have a special treat for you. We'd like to introduce you to our mixologist of the month, Laurel from A Bubbly Life. This Arizona-based mixologist has quite a few tricks up her sleeve, and we think everyone needs to go follow her ASAP! Follow her here! Her creativity and eye for design, DIY projects, and photography are sure to inspire you to create more. Her blog is swarming with fun ideas, inspiring DIY's, and cocktail recipes. We reached out to Laurel several weeks ago and asked if she could kick 2020 off with us and share a...

Mixologist of the month: @boozyketones

We reached out to @boozyketones, who specialize in fabulous sugar free, low carb drinks! What could be better than boozing while losing....pounds that is! They gave us the following fun - and a little scandalous! recipe to share with all of you! "I blame the sex crazed 70’s for this unwholesomely named concoction. Even though I blush when ordering it at a bar, I still ask for this delicious shooter with my head held high and my cheeks ablaze. It’s worth the brief humiliation. No shame in my cocktail game..What is embarrassing is the obscene amount of sugar a classic BJ provides- that’ll...

Four Colorful Drinks for the Fourth

The most fun patriotic holiday is an opportunity to unabashedly glorify the red-white-and-blue by flying the flag, wearing the colors, and serving cocktails that match the occasion. To help you celebrate, the Divas offer four Fourth of July drinks featuring the colors of the pennant that has proudly flown ever since the new United States sent England back home. Enough with the history lesson. Three of these drinks show off the patriotic colors. The last is only vibrant red, but it can be made in batches instead of one or two at a time, which allows guests to serve themselves...

How to find the best cocktails to drink anywhere in the world

You are a sophisticated world traveler -- or at least you aspire to be. To prepare yourself for stepping out anywhere, you should be educated about the customs, attitudes and, especially at the end of a foot-weary day, the best cocktail to order at the local establishment. This guide won’t take you to every city, state and nation across the globe, but we chose some of the Divas’ favorites to suggest what you can sample as you plan your own explorations. Let’s start with destinations in the United States. New Orleans You might have heard that New Orleans considers itself...

Mixologist of the month: @thetipsymuse

Tipsy or Tipped? I couldn't resist the opportunity to work with @thedrinkingdivas when they showed me this pair of cute glasses: Tipsy and Tipped. After all, I am The Tipsy Muse 🍸💋😊 For me, the tipsy state is when I have just one drink, I become more relaxed and being able to talk to strangers in social settings. For Chinese, some of the best poems were written by the tipsy poets. But some of the poets became such drunkards, one of the most famous one named Li Bai (李白; he drowned in a river when he tried to embrace the moon's reflection,...