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Mixologist of the month: @boozyketones

We reached out to @boozyketones, who specialize in fabulous sugar free, low carb drinks! What could be better than boozing while losing....pounds that is! They gave us the following fun - and a little scandalous! recipe to share with all of you!
"I blame the sex crazed 70’s for this unwholesomely named concoction. Even though I blush when ordering it at a bar, I still ask for this delicious shooter with my head held high and my cheeks ablaze. It’s worth the brief humiliation. No shame in my cocktail game.
What is embarrassing is the obscene amount of sugar a classic BJ provides- that’ll make you do the walk of shame home for sure.
BJ Shot 🍼
(<1 c)
1/2 oz BK Irish Cream
3/4 oz Keto Amaretto*
Top with whipped cream
Keto Amaretto: mix 1 cup hot water with 1 cup Brown @swervesweetie, dissolve. Add 2 cups vodka, 2Tbs almond extract, 2Tbs vanilla extract.
No BJ jokes please, our mother reads this feed.
This is the last of he Irish Cream cocktails so if you want more you’re going to have to slide into our DM’s."