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with love from Drinking Divas

Get a taste of spring (hella early) with this refreshing cocktail

Who else is ready for spring to come, like, now? We certainly are. We’ve already had it with the ice on the car windows. That’s why we’re closing our eyes, picturing spring, and want to share this delicious Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Cocktail with the rest of our divas! Next Ladies Night, you’ll be the talk of the party when you serve these tasty, refreshing cocktails in a Drinking Divas glass. The best part of this cocktail? It’s simple! All it takes is some gin, grapefruit juice, cucumber seltzer, ice, and of course some pretty garnishes to top it all off. ...

Kombucha: A tea that is so much more

If you and your friends aren’t up to speed on the kombucha trend, educate everyone with a party that shows the many shades of the fizzy, fermented drink. Kombucha is actually a tea, but one that’s gone rogue and exhibits few of the traditional tea-like qualities of calm and warmth that make a suitable complement to small sandwiches. Kombucha has more of a kick than its tea cousins. It’s fresh and tangy and built for good times. Some advocates have compared it to Game of Thrones: Kind of weird at first, but something you become devoted to. The weird part...

Palm Wine Benefits: The Health Benefits of This Drink Will Amaze You!

In partnership with   Palm wine may be a new concept for many of us, but it is definitely not a novel invention altogether. If you’re new to the palm wine world, you’re in for a treat. This wine is created by gathering the sap from a wounded palm tree. Many countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana are familiar with palm wine, but many parts of the United States are just coming to realize the benefits it can bring your life. There are many benefits from drinking palm wine. However, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits...

Mocktails to Get You through Dry January

Trying to make it through Dry January?  We know it’s tough but here are some of our favorite delicious non-alcoholic mocktails you can make while sitting at home binge watching Netflix. A drink for a princess If you are anything like the Divas, you are fond of Cinderella in nearly every form. We introduce you now to the drink. The Cinderella can be made one glass at a time or in a pitcher. You can adjust the sweetness by adding more or less grenadine. This drink, from, is also good because even though it’s the middle of winter, it...

Two Essential Cocktails for your New Years Eve Celebration.

Too often the host of a New Year’s Eve party worries about whether the guests will enjoy themselves. We would turn the tables: Let your guests worry whether they are good enough for your party.Set the bar high. This isn’t a get-together scheduled at the spur of the moment or a chummy girls-night-out type of gathering. It is a party to celebrate 2018 and to ring in the New Year with the highest expectations. It should be elegant. For this article, the decorations, the food and the dress code are up to you. We will provide guidance about the drinks....