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with love from Drinking Divas

Scare your friends with these Halloween cocktail ideas

You can make Halloween anything you want it to be. It can be scary, corny, dark or light-filled. In other words, it’s the perfect holiday to show your creativity. You handle the costume, decorations and pumpkin carving. We will help with this list of (mostly) spooky cocktails that will turn any party into a Boo-tiful experience. Let’s start with terrifying. Dark and stormy death punch This is not a quick-and-easy, chardonnay-and-chips kind of option. The recipe from Food and Wine magazine recommends setting aside 4½ hours for preparation. However, the eyeball ice cubes are eerily realistic. You can take our...

Bar carts add function and fun to your home

Bar carts are definitely a thing. You can tell because when you google “bar cart” you get links to pages like “550 most popular bar carts.” Everyone from Neiman Marcus to Home Depot advertises bar carts. They star in most editions of “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV. Let’s agree: Bar carts are fun, but 550 is too many. You just need to find the one that’s right for you. And today we are going to help. Sumptuous or utilitarian If you have a thousand or more dollars to spend on a bar cart, you can find one that looks nothing...

5 Cocktails You Need to Try Before Summer is Over!"

There’s no denying it, summer is fun. Happily, it’s still summer! But we know what you’re thinking: “Summer is almost over. Fall is good, too, but …” So remember, it’s still summer! To help you retain your summer mood, we suggest you get some friends together and try out these still-summer cocktails, which take advantage of summer fruits and a touch of spirits to remind us of never-ending days, week-day beach lounging and tan lines. We looked through dozens of websites to find the best recipes, and even pulled a favorite from our personal library. These drinks are simple to...

Coworking for women-only is new and trending up

You have probably heard that coworking is the concept of offering space for entrepreneurs, people who need to get out of their home office and workers who need a meeting space while on the road. The idea has been around for a few years. A company named WeWork is the big name in the crowd but small spaces are popping up around the world. For a price, they typically offer desks and chairs, an outlet to charge your laptop and phone, couches for casual meetings, projectors for PowerPoints and plenty of free coffee. You usually can sign up for just...

Summertime and the party is easy with these fun ideas

It’s summer and you plan to throw the party everyone will talk about (for all the right reasons). Your party needs to be fun and not stressful, for you and the guests. The Divas are here to help, with lots of ideas that you can use or that might inspire your own creative thoughts. And even if most of the party is outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t be elegant. These confetti-dipped balloons are the perfect way to let your guests – even the ones wearing flip-flops – know that in your home, good taste is an expectation. Every great party...