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3 Bachelorette Party Ideas -- Because Now it’s Real!

Your best friend is getting married and of course you are the bridesmaid. One of the tasks you immediately begin to plan is the bachelorette party, including the venue and the menu.

Now, for the most challenging aspect: Making it fun!

There are many ways you can go.

1. Low key

Get a group together for reminiscing, gossip and friendship. It could be at your house and to ensure everyone is able to enjoy themselves without worry, make it a pajama party! Add some fun décor or glassware to the mix with our Sh*t Just Got Real, I’m Getting Married wine glass! Drink gallons of rosé and stay up late, share secrets, and make pancakes in the morning.

3 bachlorette party ideas drinking divas


2. Destination location

Every bride has a favorite beach or mountain get-away, so invite the gang there. Make sure someone knows how to fire up a grill and bring a cooler full of ice in case you have to plug in the mini-fridge when you arrive.

3. Vegas

You don’t need to literally bring the crew to Vegas to enjoy a full-out raucous and raunchy bachelorette party, but everyone will definitely remember the time you all … well, you can’t talk about it in polite company. And that’s the point.

3 bachlorette party ideas drinking divas

No matter which option you choose, you need glassware that will help the bride-to-be celebrate her upcoming life-changing event, a day that will signify her progression from child to adult woman.

The Divas have the perfect wine glass for the occasion inscribed with this true phrase:  Sh*t just got real, I’m getting married!



The Divas can help with other aspects of your party planning, as well. We wrote about how to prepare for the role of bridesmaid, which is essential reading if you are this Very Important Person. For her honeymoon, refer the bride to our guide on finding the best drinks around the world. Once she settles into her new life, tell her to read our article on Bloody Mary recipes in case she needs a little break from … whatever.

Since you are one of her best friends, you will remember to acknowledge her first wedding anniversary, too, and again we have the perfect gift: a stemless wine glass decorated with a phrase for a woman who now knows a thing or two about marriage: It takes balls to be a woman

Or, maybe just give it to her husband.