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The Top 10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Adopting a dog is like adding a member to the family, it's not something to be taken lightly. Proper research should always be done when looking to adopt. Although all dogs are amazing, not all dogs are amazing for families. Some get nervous or aggressive while others require constant individual attention. If you're looking for the best dog to add to your family, here are some qualities to take into consideration:







    The best kid friendly dogs are ones with tons of energy. You want to gauge the energy level of your potential pup with the energy level of your family. They need to be able to keep up with the activeness of your family without getting exhausted, or be able to lounge around without becoming needy and destructive.


    Yes, all dogs should be trained, but even more so around children. Your new pet needs to know when no means no for the safety or your kids. For instance, the hunting and retrieving dogs on this list are known for their high intelligence and discipline.


    Although obvious, we had to include this one. Specifically, because it is not always a breed to breed case, friendliness is usually a dog to dog thing. For families with young children or first time dog owners, it's best to consider their background. If you plan on rescuing, stay away from dogs with previous physical abuse. When children are involved always choose a dog with a warm, friendly, open demeanor versus standoffish and nervous dogs.


    Children aren't always patient and gentle. When choosing a dog pick a sturdy one. You want a breed known for patience and resilience. This is for both your child's happiness and dog's safety. With those things in mind, here is a list of 10 versatile breeds that pass the family friendly test:


LABRADOR RETRIEVER: Labradors are one of the top breeds for families. These are high energy dogs that require an active family. They are independent and take patience to train, but once trained are very obedient. Retrievers are, by nature, friendly dogs. They are even tempered and very patient with children. On top of that, they are short haired and great with other fur friends!


BOXER: One of the boxers' most distinctive qualities is their love of children. They are extremely playful and energized, requiring lots of exercise. Also, they are known for their loyalty and obedience. Boxers are typically easy to train and very sturdy. As much as your children will love their boxer, he/she will love them back even more. These qualities make them a great fit for an adventurous, active family.


GOLDEN RETRIEVER: The Golden Retriever is a confident, smart, loyal dog. They are energetic but will spend Sunday's in bed with you too. This is the perfect breed for a regularly active family. They are obedient and faithful. Best of all, they are extremely patient and gentle with children!

BEAGLE: Beagles were bread to be hunting dogs, which makes them great for families. They are obedient and highly active. The interact extremely well with other pets. However, they require monitored attention outdoors, as they are great escape artists. Beagles are the perfect dogs for highly active families with fenced in yards.

BRITTANY: The Brittany is a type of spaniel. These dogs are also sporting dogs. When trained they are obedient, however, without training they can be a handful. They are extremely affection- ate, and don't do well being left alone for long periods of time. The Brittany is the perfect dog for a family with a stay at home mom or work from home dad!

BULL TERRIER: The Bull Terrier is a great dog for families living in smaller spaces. They love hot weather, people, and playing. This breed is great for families that enjoy playing fetch instead of long walks or jogging. They are one of the easiest breeds to train but they also require attention in fenced in yards. Overall, they are great for apartment or condo families with young children.


YORKSHIRE TERRIER: Better known as "Yorkies", these dogs are small in size but big in personality. They are kid friendly, when you have friendly kids. This breed is great for a gentle, loving family. They do well in small spaces and only require light exercise. Yorkies are great for small families who stay in or like taking their furry friends along for the day.

FRENCH BULLDOG: The French bulldog or "Frenchie" is known for being a companion dog. They love children and hate being alone. This is a great dog for people with at home jobs or situations where they can bring their dog to work! The Frenchie is a loyal listener and a playful pup. They are everything you want in a "fam's best friend".

PUG: As far as small dogs go, pugs are about as sturdy and resilient as they come. They can be tedious to train, but do great with families and children. Another plus is that they're great with other animals. They only require a lightly active lifestyle, making them perfect for the modern family.

DACHSHUND: Better known as the "Weiner-Dog", dachshunds are very popular family pets. They are scent hound dogs bred to hunt small animals. Meaning, they are easy to train and very obedient. They do well in small places, are in- credibly kid friendly, and require minimal exercise. Weiner dogs are the perfect dogs for families on the go as they do well alone. Overall, when picking your new family member, research is mandatory. Make sure to match your activeness with the right furry friend. Always take potential pups' background into consideration. Meet them in person with your family before you adopt. Lastly, consider their patience with children. Remember, it's okay if you meet a dog and they're not right for your family, they will find the right match. When you meet your family's match, you will know. We hope you take these breeds and tips into consideration while searing for your new family member.