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Mommy's Therapy + Girl's Night Out!

Mommy's Therapy + Girl's Night Out!

by Charity Piazza

Let me just dive right in and get real candid here for a minute.  There are literally days when I have to ask myself if I brushed my teeth or put deodorant on!  And no, it’s not because I have a problem with personal hygiene… it’s because I’m a Mom!  From the moment my feet hit the ground, I’m off taking care of everyone else except ME!  Sound familiar??  My kids, husband, and even the dog and cat rank higher on my priority list!  The result… somewhere around mid morning I’m asking myself,  “Charity, did you manage to brush your teeth today??” This doesn’t happen as much as it did when my girls were babies, but there are still many days when I’m about to leave the house for a grocery run and find myself running back in to put deodorant on. Or even better, I look down and realize that I’m  still in PJs!  My husband calls me his little transient on those days… I guess it might have something to do with my mis-matched, hole-ridden, frumpy, over-sized, baggy PJs real sexy!  Anyways, I digress.  The point here is that after many days of putting myself last, it catches up to me and I start to get snippy (or bitchy…there I said it).  And really, who wouldn’t blame me?  I’m basically dressed like a homeless person and have the hygiene of a pubescent teen!  “Gross!”
A couple of years ago, I finally found a little relief to not putting myself first!  I met a group of moms in my neighborhood and we just clicked!  And whats insane is how different each of us are!  We have different backgrounds: realtor, flight paramedic, fitness instructor, teacher, make-up artist, designer, blog writer, self-made entrepreneur, social media contributors and all full-time moms.  We don’t value each other for what we do for a living.  The beauty about this group is that we could care less about job titles. Instead, we love and care for the women we all are.
Just think of your life as a mom- the toughest, non-stop, non-paying job on the planet.  You’ve spent your week cleaning up juice spills, kissing booboos, telling your kids not to do “that” for the millionth time, making meals for the whole family and giving your needy husband the “attention” he craves.  It is time for you to UNWIND and decompress with like-minded, non-judgmental moms who completely understand your crazy life!
Once a week, a group of moms get together in Gilbert, AZ to do just that!  The only requirement to be in this NON exclusive group is a no drama mindset and wanting to connect with moms who don’t require anything from you other than bringing your choice of wine!  These ladies make it a point to “come as they are”. Even if that means some part of their child’s spilled food is still wiped on their yoga pants or their hair is tossed up in a messy bun.  This group doesn’t judge or care how they look.  And let me just add, these moms are a bunch of BEAUTIES, but the goal of this “Moms Night” In is to recharge each others’ batteries in a sense.  They focus is on making sure everyone leaves the night feeling like they can take on another week of their beautiful, chaos-filled life.
How do they pull off the successful Mom’s Night In?
  1.  They make it a point to meet once per week.  The day of the week doesn’t matter as much as the consistency of dedicating a day each week to see each other.
  2. They don’t fuss about their appearance.  Come as you are is the key. No judgement here!  Like I said earlier, these women are a bunch of beauties but the unique thing about this group is they don’t feel the need to get all dressed.  Some of the moms even come right after the gym or straight from work.
  3. If there’s a mom in crisis, everyone listens and offers support or help.  They’re there for one another. At times, is going through a tough job decision, or another has unruly kids they’ve been trying to get under control all day, or a mom is about to go through surgery.  Just knowing they can come to a safe place where their problems will not be spread throughout the neighborhood is the foundation for each of them to open up. There’s no judgement!
  4. And vital to making this night a success… WINE!  The mom juice of choice!  We’re not talking about that $40 boutique bottle of wine you picked up at the winery last year.  Just a simple, yet tasteful $8 – $10 red blend you found at the grocery store can take the edge off the day and provide the neededMommy's Therapy therapy.  And the perfect accessory for this, Drinking Diva’s “Mom’s Therapy” Wine Glass.  And there you have it, a great start to decompressing!
So, gather the girls, pour the wine and get ready for Mom’s Night In… the perfect mom’s therapy.
xo Charity