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The holidays are lit! 3 holiday drinking games

We’re sorry to disappoint everyone but the point of drinking games is not to get drunk.

It’s to have fun!

The holidays are an excellent time to have a party, but there’s only so much sitting around and talking we can do after awhile, so the Divas have found three games that promote laughs and conversation. Some drinking is involved, too.

Risqué is OK

For this game, named “Holiday Sausages,” your friends gather in two groups, facing each other. One person asks a person on the other team a question. The answer must always be “Holiday sausages.” The person who answers must not laugh or even smile. If she is successful, her team gets a point. If not, she takes a sip of her drink. Everyone gets to ask at least a couple of questions.

Here are some sample questions to get you in the mood:

  • What happens to the reindeer when Santa returns home after delivering gifts to children around the world?
  • What do you get when you invite the men’s glee club to sing at the office Christmas party?
  • When Rudolph poops, what do you call his droppings?

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Share the spirit

Christmas is definitely not the only holiday that inspires drink and games. Hanukkah offers the dreidel, which is easily adapted to our purposes. Forget the gelt (chocolate coins), fill up the wine glasses or tumblers, and twirl.

If you have forgotten, the dreidel is a spinning toy with a different Hebrew letter on each side. Players spin the dreidel. When it lands, the letter will tell you what action to take.

  • Nun: the spinner gets to choose half of the players to drink
  • He: the spinner drinks
  • Gimel: everyone except for the spinner drinks
  • Shin: the spinner gets to add a rule to the game. For example, they may choose a rule such as “no player is allowed to visit the restroom.” Any player who breaks the rule must drink. Every time the dreidel falls on Shin, a new rule is added.

Happily, if the dreidel falls off of the table while it's spinning, it’s drinks all around.

Take everyone’s keys

In this classic holiday game, everyone watches a movie and sip a drink every time a certain action occurs on screen.

Here are some movie suggestions, along with sample drink prompts.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Whenever the dog slobbers; the Christmas house lights go on; or Clark does something embarrassing involving a woman.


Buddy and/or Jovie (Buddy’s girlfriend) sing a song; Buddy’s father, Walter, does something nasty; Buddy eats something disgusting.

The Grinch

The Grinch’s dog Max barks; Cindy Lou Who appears on the screen; the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes.

There’s no rule that your drinks have to be wine or hard liquor. If one of your friends is really bad at answering questions, or stifling her laughter, or takes too many drinks in between games, substitute coffee.