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‘Donating Divas’ want to work with you to bring water to Colombia

Drinking Divas is not only the best place to make smart lifestyle purchases, it now is also the best place to make the world better.

We are proud to announce a partnership with WaterAid, a nonprofit organization that creates sources of water for people who don’t have easy access to the resource most of us take for granted.

Villages where residents have to carry water in containers from far-away streams or springs are desperately poor and fighting constant illness. WaterAid figured out that access to water is one of the keys to improving lives. It provides not only wells where none exist but also toilets and health education to residents.

The WaterAid project that Drinking Divas is supporting centers on the Totcomana School in LaGuajira, Colombia. Starting now, you can donate through Drinking Divas and every cent will go directly to WaterAid to supply water to students and teachers at the school.

What is LaGuajira?

About 40 percent of the people living in LaGuajira are part of the indigenous population that settled the area before Spaniards claimed the land. The region includes beaches along the Caribbean but is mostly arid and is known for its sand dunes. It also was the scene of fighting during the long Colombian civil war.

As you will learn by visiting the Drinking Divas’ WaterAid site, $20 will provide one person with a source of clean water. $500 will build a hand-washing station for the entire school. WaterAid also has great ideas for fundraising at your office and among other organizations, too.

Drinking Divas has developed this partnership because, simply, we want to help improve the world. There are plenty of opportunities, but we thought that if this offer spurs our community to donate, or find other ways to help people improve their lives, we should go for it!

Become a Donating Diva

We hope our work with WaterAid makes it easy for you to act on your own impulse to help others, one person at a time.

WaterAid has so far provided water for 24.9 million people and toilets for 24 million. Still, 844 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water and 2.3 billion don’t have a decent toilet.

When you don’t have good water or toilets, you get sick. According to WaterAid and similar organizations, deaths from diarrhea could be cut by one-third if everyone had access to clean water. Instead, a newborn dies every minute from an infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment.

Just to be clear, Drinking Divas doesn’t take any of the money you donate to WaterAid through our site. All we get is a good feeling. Won’t you join us and share that feeling, too?