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Beer Here! Your Beer 101 Guide to Brews

Pilsner, Pale Ale or Porter? Today on Drinking Divas, we're serving up some Beer 101: running down the beer basics and making some recommendations in each category. Bottoms up!

The generic term "beer" applies to a number of fermented malt beverages typically divided into ales (which are fermented at warm temperatures using top-fermenting yeasts for shorter periods) and lagers (which are fermented at cooler temperatures for longer periods with bottom-fermenting yeasts). While there is a remarkable number of variations and sub-variations in both ales and lagers, here are a few of the most popular.


IPA: India Pale Ales are hoppy beers so-named for their popularity along Indian trade routes in the late 18th century. A wildly popular style among today's American craft brewers, Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada are among the most well-known mass-market IPAs.

Porter: A style of dark beer made from brown malt and hops first recorded in 18th-century London. Flavors are typically sweet and malty. Ballast Point Brewing Company in San Diego, California, makes some of the highest-rated porters under their Victory at Sea label.

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Stout: A dark beer originally known as the strongest, or stoutest, porters. Today, stouts run about 7 to 8 percent alcohol. Despite its dark, heavy flavor, a cold Guinness extra-stout is quite refreshing on a summer day.

White Beers: Also known as Weissbier, Weizenbier, Witbier or Hefeweizen, white beers are wheat beers. Generally cloudy in appearance, many taste of spice or fruit, which makes them uniquely refreshing. Dieters beware: White beers, like Hoegarden, tend to be the most caloric of the bunch.



Bock: Bocks are dark beers and typically among the strongest of the lagers with a robust malt flavor. Shiner Bock is one of the more popular in the U.S., especially in and around its native Texas.

Märzen/Oktoberfest: Back before modern refrigeration, brewing was impossible in the summer months. March, or Märzen in German, was the last brewing month, which is where this malty, amber-colored category gets its name. Also known as Oktoberfest brews, Samuel Adams Octoberfest and Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyn Oktoberfest are among the most highly rated in the Märzen category.

Pilsner: A type of pale lager with a light, golden color and around 5 percent alcohol, pilsner-type beers are among the most pervasive in the world. Belgian brew Stella Artois is one of the more popular European-style pilsners in the U.S. and one of the fastest-growing beer brands in the country.

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