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INTERVIEW: Five questions with graphic designer Nicole Coutinho

Nicole is a graphic designer and artist based in Connecticut. She recently created two glasses designs for Drinking Divas, Rosé All Day and It Takes Balls To Be a Woman. Learn more about her in the short interview we made with her below.

  • • What makes you excited to wake up each morning and start your day?

  • It’s such a great thing to be alive and be able to wake up each morning and enjoy your day. Every single day is a day to step forward and achieve your goals and that’s what makes me excited throughout the day.

  • • 
  • If a kid walked up to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

  • I would tell him/her to enjoy his/her childhood and not to rush into anything. To follow his/her dreams even if people try to discourage them. 

  • • Where is the next place you are hoping to travel or explore? 

  • As a travel lover I would be happy to go anywhere in the world. However, I really hope to travel and explore Kenya one day, I’ve never been to Africa before and I think it would be a unique experience. Also, Indonesia is on my bucket list.

  • • 
  • What/who inspired you to begin your career?

  • My parents. My dad is an IT analyst and artist and he taught me how to draw and use the computer since I was young. Art and computers became my favorite things since then. I grew up drawing on papers and using Microsoft Paint (who remembers that software?) to create cards and send to my family and friends. My first graphic design work on Photoshop was for my mom that was a business owner and she trusted me to create her brand. My parents have always been supportive of my career and that was enough to make me happy and not give up.

    What is your biggest aspiration in life? (What is the end goal?)

    I believe that both biggest aspiration and end goal in my life are the same, which is to be HAPPY. I’ve learnt that you could have everything but at the same time have nothing if you are not happy. I intend to continue working with art/design for a long time and teach that to my children. Live in a place that makes me happy and surrounded by people I love.